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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most effective, research-based therapy approach to helping couples reach their marital relationship goals. This ground-breaking researched modality related to romantic attachment is considered the Gold-Standard treatment for partners in distress.

Knowing that my therapeutic passion is working with couples, I wanted a modality that was best suited for couple's work. In my doctoral program, I was introduced to EFT, was immediately intrigued, and fell in love with EFT. I have completed extensive training in EFT and presently working toward full certification.

EFT is a model developed by Dr. Susan Johnson, that focuses on the importance of emotional bonds in our adult romantic relationships. This therapeutic approach has clearly defined goals, stages, and interventions to help couples make long-term relationship changes. Dr. Johnson's research and clinical work have been key components of a paradigm shift toward acknowledging the importance of romantic attachment bonds. Her work embraces the integration of exploration and acceptance of emotion within the therapeutic experience.

EFT is backed by a large body of empirical research and applied to various populations and clinical presentations. EFT has been effectively used to treat couples with PTSD, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, chronic and mental illness, and addictions. Couples struggling with infidelity, parenting challenges, sexual dysfunction, infertility as well as other anxieties have benefited from treatment with EFT. Its effectiveness has been shown to help couples with general relationship dissatisfaction, culturally diverse couples, gay and lesbian couples, and remarried couples.

The goal of EFT is to help couples shift their negative patterns into more open, flexible, and secure bonding moments. EFT provides the tools you need to transform your relationship in exceptional ways. I see struggling couples make positive long-term changes to their relationships every day, empowering me to continue to treat couples like you who desire to renew, rebuild, and restore their relationships and loving bonds. If this sounds like what you need to boost your relationship, contact me today to help you build a more resilient and healthier marriage.