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    Marriage Intensives

    Oftentimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of work, children, day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, and overall life. Before we know it the foundation that all of that was built upon is cracking at the base, struggling to stay solid, and almost completely broken. We wonder if there is any hope of getting back to a solid and safe place. There is hope.

    Sometimes meeting one hour per week with a licensed therapist isn’t enough for marriages that are hurting. For couples in severe crisis, blocking off 1.5 to 2 days to focus on your relationship can be an incredibly satisfying experience. It allows enough time to address deep relational issues and potentially uncover practical solutions.

    Couples therapy is a process of change. The clients and the marriage therapist work together to uncover relational problems, examine existing patterns in the relationship, set goals for the changes the client desire, and teach ways to effectively achieve those goals.

    Whether your marriage is having difficulty or in need of a tune-up, our marriage intensives can help give you tools for dealing with the relational issues that seem unbearable, un-resolvable, and overwhelming. During the marriage intensive, we teach couples new ways of communicating designed to enhance their relationships. Couples then practice those skills in session and as part of their evening’s homework. We look for relational challenges and teach ways to deal with them. This can help couples take things less personally and begin the process of truly understanding their spouse.

    My work is professional and spiritually led. I believe that people are relational beings by design and desire to be happy in their relationships and their children greatly benefit from them. I believe the most important goal in couples therapy is to seek understanding and teach couples how to be in service to one another and do that with humility, goodwill, empathy, love, and respect.

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